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Removing the switch panel / dash

Removing the switch panel or dash is a pretty straight forward procedure. It should not take more than an hour to fully remove the panel. There are no real special tools required and the steering wheel stays on preventing any airbag problems.
Some torx drivers and a small flathead screwdriver is all that is needed.

The first step is to remove the steering column covers.

There are three screws. Two on each side behind the wheel and one on the bottom.
You also need to release handle for the adjustable column at this point.

Be careful when pulling apart the two halves. There is an internal clip that holds them together even without the screws.
You can see from my pict that I broke mine!
Now remove the two switch stalks on the column.
There are two clips you press and they slide right out.
Then use a small screwdriver to disconect the plug from the switch.
NOTE: One of the small plugs has a small tab you need to press for it to pull out!
Now you basically pull out every switch and component in the dash.
You can use a small screw driver or even a paint can opener works very well.
You don't need to label the plugs as each one is a specific size and color.

The last step is to remove the six torx screws holding the switch panel to the dash pad.
Two are located in the headlight hole, and the other four are around the radio/sid components.

Number 8 in the picture!
Removing the switch panel is the trickest part of this task.
There are four internal clips holding it on. Two are located on top of the speedo, and the other two are on each side of the steering wheel.
Basically I tried to find the clips and push them the right way to release the clips. For the top two you just pull down. The two side ones were tougher and I just ended up using brute force.

Once the dash is loose you can get the radio bracket out and remove those wires.

If you are just replacing the cup holder, you don't have to pull the whole thing out. You can access the screws from the side.

I found that I needed to move the shifter into neutral and pull the steering wheel forward to make room.

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