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Removing and installing the door panel

To remove the door panel, the first step is to remove the top trim piece of the door. The plastic is durable but it can break if you pull too hard on it.

Start near the door lock and using a screw driver or small pry bar, work your way around the door. The mirror switch simply unplugs from the harness.
Now to remove the door panel.

Use a small pick to remove the 3 screw covers and a torx T-30 driver to remove the screws.
At the bottom center of the door panel is a black push pin. You need to push in the center of the pin about 2mm and then the whole pin will pull out. Do not push in the center piece too far or you can break the plastic tabs!
Pry out the switches and light and unplug them from the harness.
The door panel is attached by some press-in fittings. Using a screw driver pull on the edge of the panel and it will snap out.

Door Panel Installation

First, place the panel over the door lock and use the screws to keep the panel in place.

Pushing the door panel back into the top edge of the trim is the real trick! This requires a little bit of soapy water and a strong finger nail.

You need to start at one end of the trim piece and by using your finger nail, you slide down the trim piece (in between the trim and panel) and push in the panel at the same time. It seems to work better if you only do about 4" at a time.
Once this is done, push all around the edges of the door panel to snap it back into place.

Then reconnect and reinstall the switches and the door light.

To reinsert the bottom push pin, pull out the center pin about 1/4", install the pin into the door, and then push in the center till it's flush.

Before snapping the top piece into place, make sure the outer tabs mesh with the outer door panel.

That's all there is to it!

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