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Replacing door speakers in the 9-5

Replacing the front door speakers is probably the single best thing you can do to the stock system. For those cars with no subwoofers, the 6.5" speakers produce all of the bass for the whole system. I couldn't believe the difference it made in my car by replacing only these speakers.

The same steps can be applied for the rear door speakers as well. The only difference is that the rear speakers are smaller than the fronts.

I chose the Polk audio DB650 speakers. They have a good price and a good low range. It is a 4-Ohm speaker with a 92 Db sensitivity.

The amp will be producing less power for the two speakers due to the higher Ohm rating, but the higher sensitivity should make up the difference. The thing to remember is that the door speakers do not get any high frequencies, so you do not need a 2 or 3 way speaker system.

Although the speakers contain a tweeter, they aren't being used by the stock system.

Replacing the speakers does require removing the door panel. This is straight forward and should not deter you from doing this upgrade.

You cannot remove the speaker by pulling off the speaker cover! If you pull it off the only way to put it back on is to remove the door panel.

If you do not know how to remove or reinstall the door panel, click this link:
Removing/Reinstalling the door panel

Once the door panel is removed, pull off the foam surrounding the speaker which will then expose the screws holding the speaker in the pod. Unscrew the speaker and pull it out enough where you can unplug it from the harness.

The new speakers did not fit in the pod, so I ended up using a sanding dremel to cut the ridges down on the speaker pod. You cannot use the stock plug on the new speakers so just cut off the plug.

The harness if very tight but you can pull on it enough to strip the wires and solder them to the new speakers. I decided to solder the wires to the speaker to make sure nothing comes loose.

To figure out + and -, I followed the wiring diagram from this website:
Saab 9-5 Audio FAQ

The old speaker screw holes did not line up with the new speakers so I used the screws that came with the new speaker. They are self tapping so you just need a nice power screwdriver to install those.

Once that is done, I had a little stick left in the foam surround, so I reinstalled it around the edge of the speaker.

If you did pull off the speaker cover by accident, now is the time to reattach it! There should be three small push on type washers that fell out when you pulled off the door panel. Place the speaker cover back on the panel and then push the lock washers onto the posts as far down as possible.

Now you can reinstall the door panel and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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