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Replacing the Wagon Subwoofer

After many long years and hours, the subwoofer was not sounding very good in my car. Luckily, the speaker can be replaced in just an hour or two! The speaker itself is a 6.5" woofer only speaker. Since it is very difficult to just buy a single 6.5" woofer, I ended buying a component speaker set and only using the one speaker.

I chose the Infinity Reference 6030cs. It is a 2 Ohm with 93db sensitivity. After installing the speaker, I have found that the stock speaker is a dual voice coil speaker as there are two sets of wires for the single speaker.. You can find 8" dvc speakers rather easily, but a 6.5" dvc is very difficult. I ended up using only a single pair of wires for the speaker. The results of the new speaker were much improved from the old and busted woofer, however it is not a perfect system and leaves a lot to be desired.

In order to access the subwoofer, you must remove the carpeting and grill from the car. Similar to the door speakers, DO NOT TRY AND REMOVE THE PLASTIC FROM THE CARPET! It is glued in place and you will completely break it when you pry it from the carpet!
Instead you need to remove the carpet from the car.
Before you can remove the carpet, there are some miscellaneous items in the way, most of it being plastic trim. The best tool is a small prybar or stiff, plastic spatula. You need to find the attachment points and then pry those up one at a time.

Start with the easy piece first, which is the leather piece by the the rear seatbelt. There are two hooks that hold this in place. You pull this straight out from the top and then up from the bottom.
Remove the D pillar trim. There are two or three connection points. Start from under the hatch rubber and pry up a little bit at a time. Once you get one point loose, the rest of the piece will come off easily. You will also have to loosen the top headliner plaster piece in order to remove the D-Pillar trim piece as they are interconnected.

Remove the lower plastic piece for the hatch. Use a very small screwdriver to pry up the screw cover and remove the screws holding it down. Then just pull it up and out. There are four plastic clips also holding it down.
Remove the plastic piece on top of the carpet. There are two screws at the front and then the rest is held down with plastic clips. Just pry/pull the trim piece up to release the clips.
Pull off the carpet cover for the OnStar computer. From underneath, locate and remove the screws holding the plastic piece in place. You won't be able to remove the whole unit easily, but you can swing it out of the way. Removing the carpet is straight forward now. Just unscrew and pull it off enough to expose the subwoofer.
The screws for the subwoofer are hidden beneath some glue residue to prevent them from coming loose. There should be four philips screws holding it down. Just remove these and the woofer will come out. Be sure two keep track of which pair of wires go together. You will only by using one pair.
If you are using a normal speaker, tape up one set of wires and make sure that the tape separates the two metal ends. You do not want them touching together. Now connect up the new speaker. The bigger end should be the negative lead and the smaller one is the positive. I used some pliers to squeeze the ends so they fit on the speaker tighter.
Before putting everything back together, power up the stereo and make sure the sub is working. Don't expect it to shake the hatch loose, it is only a 6.5" speaker! In fact, expect it to only put out a mild bass enhancement.

Once everything is working, you simply put everything back together again. It goes together much faster because the clips can be pressed in very quickly.

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