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9000 Alternator Replacement

The first thing to do is to remove the fender liner and serpentine belt.
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First disconnect the battery cables. The main power wire on the alternator goes directly to the battery!

Now you can disconnect the alternator wires from under the hood. There are only two wires, the main battery line and then the small green wire.

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Now loosen the alternator bolts. There are 2-8mm hex bolts that hold the alternator on. The bottom bolt can be removed but the top cannot. Pull the alternator from it's bracket and push it out of the way. You need to do this so that you can remove the power steering pump and bracket.

bolt.jpg - 52191 Bytes

Remove the power steering pump from the bracket and get it out of the way so you can reach the bolts holding the bracket on. This can be a tricky, but don't be afraid to twist it around to get it out of the bracket and out of the way.

powersteering_pulleybolts.jpg - 42700 Bytes  steering_bracket.jpg - 44950 Bytes

There are 4 bolts holding the power steering bracket on the block. You need to remove these to get the bracket off and out of the way.

steering_bracket3.jpg - 49082 Bytes steering_bracket_off2.jpg - 44487 Bytes

Now the alternator will come out easily!

Re-installing is just as easy as the removal. Just do the same thing in reverse order!

Depending on the rebuild, you might have to pull off the pulley from the old alternator and install it on the new one. To do this I usually jam something in the fan of the alternator to keep it from spinning while removing the pulley. The better way is to actually loosen the pulley bolt before you release the belt tension in the very beginning. This will stop the pulley from spinning.

Another thing to watch out for is a small key on the alternator shaft. This keeps the pulley from spinning around the shaft. Be sure to replace this key on the new alternator shaft before installing the pulley. Now don't forget to tighten it!

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