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9000 DIY Fuel Pump

If your car is not starting you will need to do some basic troubleshooting.

The 9000 has two trouble prone areas. The first is the Direct Ignition Cassette and the other is the fuel pump.

It is pretty easy to swap out the DI cassette with a known working one to see if that fixes your problem.
If the car still doesn't start then it probably has something to do with the fuel.

1. Check the fuel pump fuse. On my 1993 9000, it is fuse #14.

2. Jumper a wire from fuse #22 to the fuse #14 and listen for the pump to turn on. If you don't hear anything then the pump is most likely dead. You can leave the jumper on and climb into the trunk of the car and listen closer. Before concluding the pump is dead pull off the fuel pump cover and make sure 12 volts is reaching the pump.

3. If the pump runs in step 2 then your not getting power to the pump. While turning the key to the start position, check to see if your getting 12 volts to the fuel pump fuse. This fuse goes straight to the fuel pump, so if you are not getting power here, the pump is not getting power. If you're not getting power then replace the fuel pump relay first and retry the test. If still no power, then replace the fuel system relay.

4. If your still not getting power, then you need to tow your car to someone because your car is really messed up!

If you have concluded the fuel pump is dead you need to figure out which pump to buy. There are 3 different kinds depending on the year and model. Your best bet is to just remove the pump following my steps so you can really look at the pump. My 9000 has the later style Walbro type pump so that's where I'll focus on.

For those with the later style, you also need to decide if you want to replace the whole pump assembly ($$$) or just buy the replacement pump which is harder to do but much cheaper!

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