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9000 water pump
Step 1

When buying a new water pump, be sure it either includes the 3 O-rings or make sure you buy these separately. If you reuse the old ones, your new water pump will probably leak!

If the coolant hoses have not been replaced in a long time, this would be a good time to purchase all of the replacement hoses and avoid any blow outs down the road!

The first thing to do is to remove the fender liner and serpentine belt.

If you don't know how to do this click the link.

belt.gif - 1752 Bytes

The pump is located right below A/C compressor. Most of the work is done under the hood rather than in the fender, but you do need to get underneath the car to disconnect some stuff. To get access, you will need to remove the lower plastic panels covering the center of the engine. This is done by removing all of the 10mm bolts.

Now drain the coolant. The easiest way to do this is to just undue the two hoses and catch the coolant under the car.

undercar_plastic.jpg - 39123 Bytes  hoses.jpg - 40915 Bytes

Now remove the coolant reservoir. This is extremely easy, just slide the reservoir out from it's bracket and pull it out.

Next, unbolt the A/C compressor and move it to the space of the coolant reservoir. Remove the bracket that holds the A/C compressor on.

coolant_resevoir.jpg - 52027 Bytes  ac_compressor.jpg - 43121 Bytes

ac_compressor_move.jpg - 48250 Bytes  ac_bracket_off.jpg - 42768 Bytes

Now remove the water pump pulley. There are 4-10mm bolts that need to be removed. This can be tricky, as you need to somehow keep the pulley from turning while unbolting the bolts. I ended up using a crowbar and jammed it the back of the pulley.

pulley_bolts.jpg - 375678 Bytes  pulley_crowbar.jpg - 47239 Bytes

Now for the hard part. You need to remove the coolant pipe that goes from the pump to the turbo.

The bolt on the turbo is very hard to get to. I ended up removing the oil filter to give me the space I needed. I then used a flexible socket to get the angle required. The second bolt on the turbo is easily removed with a spanner wrench.

turbo_pipe_tool.jpg - 42214 Bytes  turbo_pipe_tool2.jpg - 49208 Bytes

The only thing left is to unbolt the water pump and pull it out. There are 3 bolts that hold it on.

Once it's out on the table, it's beer break time!

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