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Removing the Rear Seat Skins

The rear seat skin is two times harder to remove than the front seats. The clips are not as easy to remove and there are a ton of staples that need to by pryed up.

Saying that, I would recommend starting with the bottom section of the seat. It is much easier than the top half and will introduce the steps needed to tackle the top.

rear_bottom.jpg - 29956 Bytes

Remove the black trim piece that is covering some of the staples are carefully remove all of the staples.
Once this is done you can start pulling back the skin so you can get to the next challenge.

rear_staples.jpg - 38031 Bytes  rear_pullingskin1.jpg - 42133 Bytes

You are almost done, but now for the hard part!

You will notice that there are strings that hold the seat to the board. Now look at the base and you'll see that the string is mounted to a small hook. You need to carefully pry the string out of the hook! HA!

This takes some practice and lots of patients. The key is to give the string some slack by pushing down on the seat and then slip it out of the hook. I found that resting a knee on the cusion while bending over with a screwdriver was the only method of doing this. Perhaps a good 25 pound barbell or some other weight would have worked better, but I didn't think of that until now!

Remove one row at a time and then pull the entire skin off to gain access to the next row. Repeat this for all three rows, and then pull the skin off.

rear_stringclip.jpg - 39825 Bytes  rear_pullingskin.jpg - 37444 Bytes

rear_bottom_noskin.jpg - 34590 Bytes

The hardest step is last. There are tons of those damn string clips on the top section and it is not as easy to get a screwdriver on them!

There is a lot to do before getting to that, so here we go!

Start by removing the two small clips at the top of the seat. A small screwdriver will pull them up.

Then remove the two headrest mounts.

Now flip the seat over and remove the armrest if your car has one. There are only 4-10mm bolts and it slides right off.

reartop_armrest_bolts.jpg - 41264 Bytes  reartop_armrest_bolts2.jpg - 41496 Bytes

Now for the fun part.

Remove all of the staples in the armrest section. There are probably a hundred just in this little area.

Now, flip the seat over and remove the two black trim pieces covering more staples. Remove all of those as well.

Pull on the bottom of the skin and it will slip out of it's groove.

reartop_armrest_staples2.jpg - 35186 Bytes  reartop_staples.jpg - 47235 Bytes

reartop_pullingskin5.jpg - 52830 Bytes  reartop_pullingskin6.jpg - 51672 Bytes

Remove the two plastic washers on the seat mount. I'm not sure how to do this without breaking them. You cannot use pliers as this breaks them very fast. My only guess is to somehow twist and pull them off. My recommendation is to just buy two more from the dealer! (94-89-485)

Now remove the release knob. This is done by pushing the pin through and the arm just comes off. You will notice a clip holding the skin down, pull on the clip and free the skin.

reartop_plasticwasher.jpg - 41926 Bytes  reartop_plasticwasher_broke.jpg - 32067 Bytes

reartop_removingarm.jpg - 44292 Bytes

It's time for a break, because the hard part is coming up!

Remove the 2 hogrings on each side that are holding the sides down.


Once you have the skin pulled up as much as it will go, you will see the strings holding down the skin to the board. The key is to lay the seat so the skin is facing up, and then kneel on the seat while bending over and use a scredriver to release the string from the hook.
A good light is a must and a helper would be very appreciated!

reartop_stringhook.jpg - 37341 Bytes  reartop_stringfree.jpg - 51616 Bytes

Once all of the strings are released, the skin will come right off of the seat.

reartop_pullingup.jpg - 41214 Bytes

The last thing to do is to pull the entire skin out of the top groove and then go grab a beer!

I never reinstalled this skin so I'm not sure how easy or hard it is. If you do it let me know how it goes!

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