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SAAB Repair

Replacement SAAB Parts

Performance SAAB Parts

Other People's Websites

SAAB Repair

ACDelco SAAB Repair website - This is the official online SAAB repair website. Unfortunately it is a paid service.

Another SAAB Special Tool website - Most of the more popular special tools for all SAABs.

Replacement SAAB Parts

Go here to buy some rock chip paint.

Skandix - For the older SAABs, this site contains a large catalog of parts including body panels and other hard to find parts.

Eagle Day.Com - This site has almost all of the AMP electrical pins you might need for the C900 engine bay. Very useful when restoring cracked and broken wires.

AutoTrim Store - Check out these guys if you are looking to buy some leather material. I bought some black leather to recondition the C900 door panels.

Andrews Inc of Princeton - This site contains most of the "Nines" articles online. They are also a frequent poster on the Saabnet forum. If you are in Minnesota you should check out these guys for any SAAB repairs!

SAS- This website has a great online catalog. They have almost all the common parts for SAABs and many VDO gauges.

TOWNSEND IMPORTS- This website has a great help section for the DIY. They also can supply you with the common parts for your SAAB.

The SAAB Depot- A good selection of used SAAB Parts. This website is one of my favorites. Good prices and good service.

Scan West Autosport- Scanwest services and stocks parts for all Saab models from the early 2-strokes to current 9-3 and 9-5 models.

The SAAB Store- New and Used SAAB Parts.

GOLDWING JunkYard- Used SAAB Parts. Good selection, but a bit overpriced.

The SAAB Site- This site has the actual SAAB part numbers for the commonly replaced parts of ALL SAABS!

Eriksson Industries- Need a rebuild turbo, head, or transmission! This website is well known for their rebuilds.

Turbonetics- Need a new high performance turbo. This website can help you out.

Turbo City- Another company to rebuild your turbo.

Performance SAAB Parts

Scan West Autosport- Scanwest has more than their website advertises. I bought a stage II tranny that's good to 300Hp from here.

Swedish Dynamics- A new webiste with lots of go fast goodies for your SAAB, with prices.

Jak Stroll Performance- Supplies a new chip for your modded Saab or other custom work like 3" downpipes.

Taliaferro Saab- Hard to find, genuine Saab parts at a pretty cheap rate! They also resell Speedparts stuff!

George's Import- This is the best place to buy a water injection kit for your SAAB. Brad has tons of knowledge and is very helpful.

Magnecor Ignition Wires- These guys claim to be the best out there. Their website has an awesome comparison with everyone to prove their claim!

ECU Project forum- You can go here for maps or help with tuning trionic.

Trionic Tuning Information- This is one of the places to go for more information on DIY Trionic tuning.

Information on T5 install into a LH 2.2 1988 900t- This is one of the places to go for more information on the conversion of C900 to T5.

How to T5 a c900, the easy way- A very good resource for T5 info

T5'd the SPG- Another forum post on a T5 conversion

T7 BPC conversion wiring for T5- The T5 valves are much more expensive than T7. Here is a procedure to switch.

JohnC's Combi AdapterThe best way to upload new flash to the T5.


The Automotive Gallery at platonoff.com- If my website does not cover something, check out this website. There are tons of NG900 sections and some 9-5 sections.

SAAB Technical Data- Data on over 1,200 Saab models. The data includes detailed vehicle specifications and is interesting browsing for Saab enthusiasts

SAAB History Website- All about SAAB history past and present

I GO SAAB- A shop in Oregon that can help restore your SAAB.

SAAB Central Forums- A good SAAB Bullentien board website.

Saab Net- An older SAAB Bullentien board website.

Turbo! Team Europe- Dedicated to SAAB performance. Lots of info!

Vince T's Website- He's running an SDS system on an C900, but also has some other toys as well.

SAAB newsletter, Nines online.

Converting a C900 from automatic tranny to 5-spd.- This is the best site for reference on how to convert a C900 to 5-spd.

Tony Jagodnik various SAAB page.- There are some homemade SAAB tools and various other SAAB related things.

Saab 9-5 Audio FAQ - All the information you could want about the different stereo systems in the 9-5's.

Steve's silver sled- An Australian with a great modified Saab. He's got some videos to show.

Team SAAB Works- They run a SAAB 900 Rally car. They update the site with many interesting pieces of info. Tweaking your APC box and strengthing your lower control arms is just some of the info available!

SAAB 9-5 Owners Manuals- This site has the 2000-2004 9-5 owner manuals online!

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